Jeff Carsrud


Owner and President

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial construction. From multifamily rental needs to corporate office spaces, his goal is to help individuals and businesses find the space they need!

(605) 484-3990

Leigha Carsrud


Vice President

Leigha focuses on Assisted Living purchases and management. Her customer service and hosting skills are on par with the best. 

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Beacon Companies DBA Beacon Development

Jeff Carsrud

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Personal: I was born and raised in Gillette, WY. I married my wife, Leigha (1991) and have two children Justin and Leslie, born in 1995 and 1997. I enjoy side by side trail riding, bow and gun hunting for big game and migratory birds, fly and marine fishing, camping, backpacking, boating, water skiing, motocross, snowmobiling, snorkeling, mountain biking, golf, coffee shops, fantasy leagues, NASCAR, work and LIFE!  

Belief Statement: Inner drive, desire and tenacity best describe the way I approach life. The passion to achieve goals and tackle adversity must be a daily focus with persistence. When I tire, I try not to let it show. To me, there are four major factors that define one’s outcome: vision, goals, desire and attitude. I must know where I’m at and where we are going.  It’s one thing to have passion; we must also put action to that desire. Dreams without action are simply dreams. My opinion of leadership is the ability to influence and involve others to accomplish a common goal. As leaders, we must train and look for creative ways to motivate our people to reach for their potential and always lead by example. My style is to coach and empower others and give them the tools to succeed and the opportunity to fail. I am not a micromanager, nor do I enjoy following them. I judge most things using growth and results to the end, and then develop a plan for the means. 

Personal growth: Reading a book, continuing education or being on a committee is the key to staying on the cutting edge for relationships and business. We must learn from our mentors, never forgetting to mentor others also. There are two types of people in this world; givers or takers. I choose to give when I can and take only when I have to. Attitude-Attitude-Attitude! Attitude is a decision we make around every corner. I strive to prioritize my time putting God first, family next, and then interests and work to follow. If we achieve all, but lose the time we could have spent with our families, what good is that? Character really counts in a day of decaying morals and business practices. Be honest and treat others as you like to be treated. As servants of our community, together we can make Rapid City and the Greater Black Hills Area a better place.

Work History: Between the ages of 10 and 13, I delivered newspapers for The Gillette News Record at a cool nickel a copy.  At the age of 12, I started my own business mowing lawns for clients along my paper route.  My late grandfather loaned me $250.00 to buy my startup equipment and in short order, I was able to pay off my loan allowing me to start buying my own school clothes and such, as we were very financially challenged.  Between the ages of 13 and 18, I worked for Coldwell Banker Executive Reality, Big Don’s Pizza, Cyclone Drilling, Cargill’s Trailers and Oilfield Painting, Larry’s Inc. as a heavy equipment operator and Pinkerton Security as a security guard at Amax Eagle Butte Coal Mine. In 1987, I accepted a position as Manager Trainee with 84 Lumber in Cheyenne, WY. Later that year I relocated back to Gillette with 84 Lumber and was promoted to co-manager of operations and head of purchasing. In 1989, I accepted a position with Winsupply of Gillette as an Industrial Salesperson, serving the power plant and coal mining industry. In 1996, I started a new corporation in Rapid City, SD named Winsupply of Rapid City. Winsupply of Rapid City is a wholesaler of plumbing and industrial supplies associated with the WinWholesale group of companies which has over 700 stores across the nation in 45 states. My responsibilities included President, Board of Director member and a major stockholder. In August of 2019 I retired after 30 years of service with Winsupply. In December of 2019 I started Beacon Companies DBA Beacon Development currently serving as owner and president.

Current Service Responsibilities: Beacon Companies DBA Beacon Development, president and owner (2019-present); Elevate Rapid City, director (2019-present); Elevate RC Chamber of Commerce, director (2017-present); Elevate RC Chamber of Commerce Diplomats (2015-present); Elevate RC Chamber of Commerce Diplomat Selection Committee, immediate past chairman (2017-present); Elevate RC Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee, past chairman (2005-present); Elevate RC Chamber of Commerce Leadership RC facilitator, speaker & Alumni (2007-present); Elevate RC Chamber of Commerce Kentucky Derby, past chairman (2015-present); Ellsworth Task Force, chairman & acting director (2010-present); Western Dakota Tech Plumbing Advisory Board, director (2017-present); Western Dakota Tech HVACR Advisory Board, director (2016-present); Black Hills Home Builders Membership Committee, member (2013-present); City of Rapid City Economic Development Task Force, member (2010-present); Ellsworth Air Force Base Honorary Commander Mentorship Group, member leader (2016-present); Young Life Ministries, director (2009-2010, 2017-present); Young Life Ministries Golf Tournament Committee, chairman (2015-present); Fountain Springs Community Church, security specialist (2013-present); National Security Forum Alumni Member - Air War College Maxwell AFB, Alabama (2011-present); Air Force Association Rushmore Chapter, member (2013-present).

Past Service: Winsupply of Rapid City, president, director and owner - (1996-2019); Winsupply of Portland, director and owner (2018-2019); Winsupply of Gillette, director (2015-2017); United States Air Force Honorary Commander Program, past chairman (2012-2015); Ellsworth Air Force Base 28th Bomb Wing, honorary commander (2012-2015); Ellsworth Air Force Base 37th Bomb Squadron, honorary commander (2010-2012); Ellsworth Air Force Base Operations Group (OSS), honorary commander (2009-2010); Ellsworth Air Force Base Maintenance Group (MXS), honorary commander (2007-2009); Ellsworth Task Force Community Action Committee, chairman (2017-2018); 2star ESGR Corporate Partner (2006-2007); Black Hill Leadership Development, past chairman and founding director (2014-2017); Elevate RC Economic Development Partnership, chairman (2006-2014); Elevate RC Rapid Fund - $3,500,000 plus dollars, chairman (2009-2012); Elevate RC Economic Development New President Selection Committee (2008-2009); Elevate RC Economic Development Investor Relations Committee, chairman (2010-2012); Elevate RC Economic Development Deal Committee, chairman (2010-2012); Elevate RC Economic Development Promotion Committee, chairman (2010-2012); Elevate RC Economic Development Regional Affairs Committee, chairman (2010-2012); Elevate RC Economic Development Broadband Wi-Fi Committee, chairman (2006-2007); Rapid City Summer Nights Festival Executive Committee (2007-2009); Elevate RC Young Professionals Group (2006-2009); Elevate RC International Trade Task Force (2006-2007); Rapid City Summer Nights Festival Public Relations Committee, chairman (2007-2009); Center for Business & Economics of the Northern Plains, Colleague (2012-2013); Rapid City Downtown Association, member (2009-2011); Rapid City Vision 2020 Strategic Plan Jobs Committee, chairman (2010-2012); Junior Achievement, economic and government instructor (2011-2012); Republican National Committee, member (2005-2019), SD GOP, member (2006-2019);Young Life Ministries Finance Committee, member (2010-2018); South Canyon Baptist Church Finance, Building and Grounds, chairman (2003-2007); South Canyon Baptist Church Youth Ministries, director (2008-2012); Awana Leader (1990-2008); Westside Baptist Church Youth, director (1998-2000); Westside Baptist Church Building Committee (1998-2003); Westside Baptist Church Finance Committee, chairman (1998-2003); Black Hills Home Builders, director (2005-2008 & 2012-2014); BHHB Leadership Academy, facilitator and speaker (2013-2017); BHHB Build PAC Committee (2002-2019); BHHB Education and Scholarship, committee member (2013); BHHB Spring and Fall Parade of Homes Committee, chairman (2002-2005, 2008); BHHB Home Show Committee (2010-2011); BHHB Government Affairs Committee, chairman (2004-2008, 2010-2013); BHHB Economic Development Committee, vice-chairman (2005-2007); South Dakota Home Builders, state director (2013-2014); South Dakota Oil & Gas Association, founding director (2014-2015); Pine Haven Estates Community Water Association, director (2004-2014); Post 22 Baseball Association, director (2012-2015); Post 22 Baseball Fundraising Committee (2012-2015); Post 22 Baseball Championship Club, chairman (2012–2013); Black Hills Baseball Pony League, coach (2010); Timberline Little League, umpire (2004-2010); Numerous other years of coaching my kid’s sports including Little & Pony League baseball/softball and AAU wrestling; Radiant Professionals Alliance, member (2015-2019); SD Assoc. of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors, sustaining member (2008-2019); Habitat for Humanity, supply partner (2000-2019). Cornerstone Rescue Mission server and Salvation Army volunteer.

Education: Winsupply National Mastery Academy (Inaugural year 2016), Rich Dad Poor Dad Financial Training (2012), 58th Annual National Security Forum Completion, Air War College Maxwell AFB, Alabama (2011); Dave Kahle Way, Sales Management System (2009,2014); Leadership Rapid City Graduate (2007); Dale Carnegie, Effective Communications and Human Relations (2006); Dale Carnegie, Sales Advantage (2004); Dale Carnegie, Leadership Training for Managers (2004); Rapport Leadership Institute, Leadership Breakthrough Training 1 (1995); 84 Lumber, Manager Training 5 week course (1988); Graduated from Campbell County High School, Gillette WY (1987); CPR certified; extensive financial courses spanning over 20 years specializing in Profit and Loss, Balance and Ratio Statements; numerous Human Relation courses; numerous technical training seminars; numerous computer training courses; numerous business management courses.

Accomplishments: Youngest Co-Manager in 84 Lumber’s 50 year history at 18 years old (1988); Salesman of the Year from Wyoming Mining Association (1992); Rapport Leadership Institute “Leadership Breakthrough Training 1” Dueling Sword Award for top of class (1995); 2015 Supply House Times Wholesaler of the Year (Nationally); 2004 Supply House Times Wholesaler of the Year (Nationally); Associate of the Year from Black Hills Home Builders (2006); 2 time Dale Carnegie Pen Award dual recipient (2006).