4539 W. Rake St.

Chicago, IL


3,542 SF

Located downtown near both train stops, this newly developed office space is spacious  and features state of the art conference rooms and a private outdoor patio.

473 Lakeline Ave.

Chicago, IL


2,678 SF

This site is a steal! A seriously affordable Class A property. In the heart of the business district, this site boasts on-site restaurants, spas and fitness centers. 

711 Bake Lane

Chicago, IL


1,887 SF

Another below-market property, this functional space is already set up for a small company to move in. Eight corner offices, the space can easily fit up to 80  employees comfortably. It's also located close to 4 methods of transportation! 


5158 Culver St.

Chicago, IL


6,421 SF

This space is located in a Power Center that features 3 prominent big box, chain stores. It's prime location draws thousands of customers per week. 

7924 Bannister St.

Evanston, IL


5,993 SF

This Community Retail Center is being held for a grocery store or drug store. With options to build on two corners of the lot, visibility and access are excellent.

3365 Fennley Way

Chicago, IL


4,888 SF

This out parcel piece of land is ready for an individual tenant. Ideal for banks, fast food or gas stations, the desired location will convert to sales with minimal advertising. 


Still Under Construction

Rapid City, SD

$4000 Per Month

10,000 SF

 Still Under Construction   

123 Main Street

Black Hawk, SD

$850 Per Month

1,800 SF

 Still Under Construction 

123 Raider Street

Box Elder, SD

$800 Per Month

1,750 SF

 Still Under Construction